Vacancies for 2019 - 2020

The American International School of Lagos is an accredited school, offering challenging programs for students in Pre-school through twelfth grade. AISL hires certified teachers with credentials and strong subject area expertise. We seek candidates with 21st century communication skills, computer competency, and a passion for teaching. We offer exciting employment opportunities for educators, support staff and management, and are always looking for enthusiastic professionals to join our dedicated team. Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

Recruitment and Selection

The school is committed to hiring the most qualified and experienced faculty and staff who will support and enhance the delivery of the school's high quality instructional program. Further, the Superintendent is committed to recruiting these candidates from multiple hiring sources in order to benefit from diverse expertise and perspectives achieved through a healthy staffing balance. These sources include teachers and professionals who reside in Lagos either temporarily or permanently; independent of their employment contract with the school (Local Hire) as well as personnel recruited from overseas who relocate to Lagos as a result of an employment contract with the school (Overseas Hire). Overseas hired candidates will be sourced from direct inquiries, partner school districts, and various international recruiting conferences. The Superintendent is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of personnel for all of the School's certified faculty and professional staff positions.

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Upper Elementary Teacher

I. Planning

  • Designs and regularly updates curriculum following an Understanding by Design (UbD) framework within Atlas Rubicon.
  • Develops lesson plans using AISL Standards and manages the learning experiences, curricular and extracurricular, to ensure the needs of the group and individual students are met.
  • Plans innovative lessons, units and projects that integrate disciplines and adhere to the AISL adopted curriculum and standards.
  • Plans collaboratively with other staff members.
II. Teaching

  • Uses a balanced range of teaching strategies to provide maximum learning opportunities for all students.
  • Insures that students receive maximum benefit from the use of all materials and resources.
  • Provides guidance to students that promote welfare and proper educational development.
  • To the best possible level, maintains an attractive, organized, and stimulating educational environment.
  • Implements a fair and consistent classroom management plan consistent with AISL behavior expectations (see Division Student Handbooks).
  • Uses a variety of technology tools to support instruction, integrating student technology skilldevelopment with content learning.
  • Follows the lead of technology integration specialists and provides collaboration and support.
  • Follows each division’s essential agreements on assessment, faculty & student handbooks, board policies.
III. Assessment

  • Uses assessment as a tool for guiding the learning process and instruction.
  • Maintains accurate student records.
  • Follows Assessment Policy Essential Agreements.
IV. Communication

  • Maintains open communication with students, parents, and staff.
  • Conducts parent conferences both formally and informally.
  • Updates Online Gradebook pages regularly.
  • Class progress is communicated with students and parents via digital management system, email, phone or person-to-person at least two time per month.
  • Student progress is reported as per divisional agreements (ES, MS, HS).
  • Communication will increase for students performing under their abilities.
V. Professional Development

  • Participates in professional development opportunities provided by AISL, and pursues knowledge of current best practice in the field of teaching.

VI. Expectations

  • Follows the School Board and Faculty Handbook Policies.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.
  • Supervises students and give student feedback at all times during school hours.
  • Maintains positive working relationship with administration, students, colleagues, parents and community.
  • Works cooperatively with other members of the professional team to promote the educational, social, and emotional development of students.
  • Participates in school and community sponsored events.
  • Prepares and maintains records and reports requested by the school administration.
  • Participates in the planning, development and evaluation of the school program.
  • Attends staff meetings as scheduled by the school administration.
  • Serves actively on school committees.
  • Orders, inventories, and maintains materials and resources.
  • Maintains professional confidentiality both in and out of school.
  • Acts as an educational ambassador of goodwill to the community at large.
VII. Qualifications

  • Applicants are expected to have a minimum of three years teaching experience prior to applying to teach at AISL. In addition, applicants must have U.S. college/university degrees and teaching certification or be able to demonstrate acceptable equivalent degrees and certification. A master’s degree and overseas experience is preferred.
VIII. Other

  • Experience with following programs or approaches desirable: inquiry, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Bridges in Mathematics or inquiry-based mathematical approaches, project-based learning, standards-based assessments, digital portfolios, student reflection, student led conferences, collaborative planning.

Middle School Art (Grades 5 - 8)


The 4th through 8th Grade Art Teacher is responsible for developing in each student an interest in and the ability for creative expression in visual terms, using skills and techniques of artistic expression consistent with school guidelines; to develop aesthetic understandings and appreciations; to discover and develop talents of students in the field of art. The Art Teacher is also a member of the Middle School faculty and as such is an advisor to students who s/he meets with daily and works with throughout the year on matters related to their social-emotional growth and development.


The Art Teacher will perform all or some of the following Job description:

  • Collaborates and integrates with faculty across disciplines to build meaningful curricular connections.
  • Teach knowledge and skills in 2D and 3D art, including but not limited to: drawing, painting, ceramics, and art history.
  • Provide instruction by which students develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations along with the ability to make qualitative judgments about art.
  • Understand a variety of “masters” techniques and be able to compare/contrast to contemporary theory and practice.
  • Knows and can apply elements of art and modern principles of design.
  • Models the foundations and different approaches to drawing media technique.
  • Provide individual and small-group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students with varying intellectual and artistic abilities, and to accommodate a variety of instructional activities.
  • Instruct students in proper care and use of tools and equipment.
  • Keep organized the classroom including common areas, storage areas and controlled use of materials, equipment and tools to prevent loss or abuse, and to minimize time required for distribution and collection.
  • Evaluate each student’s performance and growth in knowledge and aesthetic understandings, and prepare progress reports.
  • Select and requisition books, instructional materials, tools, instructional aids, and maintain required inventory records.
  • Plan and present art displays and exhibitions designed to exhibit students’ work for the school and the community.
  • Maintain professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the school and/or in self-selected professional growth activities
  • Communicate with parents and school counselors on pupil progress.
  • Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs, such as after school art club.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Administration.
  • Must be highly innovative and creative in approach and prioritize process over product the creation of truly integrated curricular experiences.


We seek a dynamic teacher who inspires students and who works collaboratively and creatively with colleagues in various curricular areas and divisions. Candidates should be passionate about teaching and have a love for the arts as well as middle school students.

  • Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, a teaching certificate or credential or equivalent professional experience which would which would translate to successful classroom teaching. Advanced degree preferred but not required.
  • Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills with the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with all constituents.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Collaborates well with colleagues of diverse backgrounds on pedagogical approaches, curricular alignment and instructional strategies.
  • Promotes the use of multiple methods in solving problems, identifying more efficient strategies and generalizing principles to a broad variety of applications.
  • Encourages collaborative teamwork in the classroom, teaching students to communicate effectively and thoughtfully, justify their reasoning and to consider multiple perspectives when solving problems.
  • Invests in the life of the school by participating in the advisory program, social and emotional learning, weekly department meetings and multidisciplinary team meetings, anti-bias training, and any and all aspects that support the student experience.
  • Demonstrated professional behavior, including discretion, judgment and integrity.
  • Effectively interacts with a diverse population of students and faculty.

High School Openings

HS IB English Year 1 & 2

HS English Grades 9 & 10