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Professional Development

At the American International School of Lagos, we know that research continually points to the effectiveness and quality of the classroom teacher as the overwhelming factor in student achievement. AISL is committed to providing and supporting a wide range of diverse, relevant and focused professional learning opportunities each year so that current educational developments and research are incorporated into learning environments to maximize student learning.

Effective professional development results in new learning, evident in changed behavior, which is gained through opportunities to become aware, observe, practice, reflect, and refine. More specifically, effective professional development supported by AISL:

  • focuses on individual, collegial, and organizational improvement;
  • respects and nurtures the intellectual and leadership capacities of members of faculty and leadership;
  • reflects best available practices in teaching, learning, assessment, and management and leadership;
  • enables faculty members to develop further expertise in subject content, teaching strategies, uses of technologies, and other essential elements in teaching to high standards;
  • is evaluated ultimately on the basis of impact on student learning, teacher effectiveness, and school operations.

AISL supports professional development of all staff by supporting the visits of globally recognised consultants and training providers.  There are also opportunities for online learning, conference attendance and in-person learning which supports AISL's goals and ambitions. Some recent examples of PD offerings include:

  • The Critically Conscious Educator - Sagda Khalil and Amin Hussain
  • Stretching Your (Learning) Edges - Jen Abrams
  • World Language Deep Dive - Lori Langer de Ramirez
  • NGSS and the Wonder of Science - Paul Andersen