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Lagos the City

AISL is located just outside the city of Lagos on Victoria Island which has emerged as the commercial hub of not just Lagos, or even Nigeria, but of the whole region.  Victoria Island is an upscale residential area which offers quality local and international cuisine at fine restaurants, artisan bakeries and cafes.  VI also has a vibrant art and music scene and showcases the richness of Nigerian culture.

With all of its cultural richness, Lagos is part of the developing world and with that comes challenges.  Be prepared for occasional power cuts and surges, an inconsistent internet connection, things not always working, instances of petty theft and corruption and traffic.  A lot of traffic…

The coastline offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Beautiful beaches that offer some peace and quiet are a short boat or car ride away. 

A fantastic resource for any current or future Lagosian is the Lost in Lagos publication.