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TechED at AISL 

Fluently leveraging technology and acquiring key tech skills are essential for student scuccess in a more ubiquitously technological world. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for our staff to ensure our students are receiving this learning each and every day. AISL is a 1:1 device school that operates under multiple platforms so that no matter the task, the right tool is available.

AISL Technology Department Purpose Statement 

The AISL technology department continually strives to insure that all members of our learning community are served enthusiastically and purposefully so that they are equipped with: the most effective tools, consequential training based on data and skill acquisition, and are provided secure learning spaces necessary for preparing a student body that is creative, innovative, inspired, and empowered to pursue their passions both now and in the future.


Policies & Procedures

Student safety is paramount. We value our students and respect their right to privacy and data protection. AISL is a GDPR compliant school that follows the Common Sense Media digital citizenship program, among others, to ensure our students are safe online. 


Our TechED Team 

     Technology Director                            Technology Integrator                     Technology Integrator

Robert Cobbs.jpeg                      Chukwudi                    Bola

           Robert Cobbs M.Ed                                            Chukwudi Asobo                                         Bola Body-Lawson

Our Technology Partners


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