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Student Support Services

We are united in our diversity. A community that honors our differences.

Stacy Shipman

Director -
Student Support services

Dr. Stacy Shipman comes to us with a wealth of experience in supporting a variety of learners from diverse backgrounds. With a combination of experience from US and International schools (including Ethiopia), she leads our Student Support Team in providing our students and faculty with the latest research-based practice and skills to support their learning needs.

Parent Guide to Student Support

Welcome to SSS

At AISL we believe that diverse classrooms prepare all students for a diverse and creative world. However, we also understand that all students arriving to AISL may not be prepared or ready to “go it alone” and that coming from all over the world, integrating into a different system can be a challenge. That is why our inclusive learning environment is based on a tiered approach that focuses on supporting all students through differentiated, high-quality instruction to ensure that they thrive as learners here. For those that need extra support (based on learning data gathered by our Multidisciplinary Team) we provide early intervention and individualized services that are designed for those students with unique needs. 

Our school-wide focus on inclusion and diversity is an integral part of the AISL values.  Our SSS department provides support for learning needs, English language acquisition, and social-emotional support.  We use a multidisciplinary team approach to support students to make inclusion a priority in all areas of student life.  We also partner with local community service providers to integrate therapeutic interventions into the school day. 

Services on Offer