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AISL Eagles Learn - Remote Learning Guide

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Welcome to our 2020-2021 school year. 

Please read the following guidelines in regards to our remote learning program. We have worked hard to create a learning environment that ensures the holistic education of our students while being away from campus.

Welcome from AISL's Director of Learning

Virtually Connected

Here are some great examples of our remote learning program from the 2019-2020 school year. Through our committment to excellence, our students stayed connected both within and outside of the classroom.


All of Kayla's pieces were created with heart and passion around a topic she believes is heart-wrenching. Her theme over these 2 years of creating art has shifted many times but the final one she stuck with is something that almost everyone seeing her artwork can relate to in someway.

Our Year Book class captured special moments from the 2019-2020 school year. Enjoy!

Ashuman's thematic overview was “emotions”, but soon changed to “the Human Experience” which is intended to serve a broader scope. Through this change he discovered a through-line that all of his works had (still within the context of The Human Experience)

Here's a round up of what our yearbook class have been engaged in during remote learning.


Leah's works explores cultural identity. Inspired by her childhood, Leah's focus is to not only embody her experiences and cultures but evoke her fascination for their complex nature. Cultures from around the world have shaped her to be the person she is today.

Our virtual school choir worked hard to produce this beautiful rendition of our school song. Original song written by:  Steve Cairns, copyright 1992.

Aadit's body of work explores several ideas surrounding Indian culture and society. Being Indian and growing up there, he drew inspiration from observations and personal connections that he experienced.  He explores various conventions and beliefs, from quotidian life existing in Indian society

Our High School Students put together this amazing video for their teachers, in appreciation for all they do!



Please take a moment to enjoy the amazing student work that has come out of the magical world of our arts program, crafted with love by Ms. Grace Dalrymple.

A wonderful example of how our teachers are using multimedia to create interesting and engaging lessons for our students.

Here's a special "thank you" message from our leadership team to all our teachers who are going above and beyond this period. We are proud of you.

A few AISL moms share how remote learning has been going for them.

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Take a look at our students and teachers in action!

We cannot put sufficiently into words how proud we are of each and every one of our teachers. You have all stepped up in an unprecedented time and exceeded all expectations.

Thank you for all that you do! 

Remote Learning is a Team Effort

In order for our programming to be successful we all need to work together. Below are each of our responsibilities that will ensure we have a balanced and rewarding remote learning experience. 

Find more specific grade level information below.