A Closed Campus. An Open School. Eagles Learn Remotely!

AISL Commitments on Remote Learning

We are here to support you.
We will continue to support teachers as they grow in this model of teaching and learning.
We will continue to review the situation and learning consistently and adjust as we go along.
We will communicate every step of the way.

Virtually Connected

While our students and teachers are all over the world, we are still connected. Through our committment to excellence, our students are always connected both within and outside of the classroom. Students can be caught working on their subject work, dancing for PE, creating art projects for Earth Day, and hanging out in our virtual playground. Take a look and see some great outcomes from our remote learning program.


Every other week, out ES students put engage in a dance challenge! The results are always fun and exciting to watch. Enjoy and dance along!

A few AISL moms share how remote learning has been going for them.

Our virtual school choir has worked hard to produce this beautiful rendition of our school song. Original song written by:   Steve Cairns, copyright 1992.

HS French students are learning the parts of the body in French and it's great to see their process!



Here's a special "thank you" message from our leadership team to all our teachers who are going above and beyond this period. We are proud of you.

Our High School Students put together this amazing video for their teachers, in appreciation for all they do!

Take a look at our students and teachers in action!

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A wonderful example of how our teachers are using multimedia to create interesting and engaging lessons for our students.

We cannot put sufficiently into words how proud we are of each and every one of our teachers. You have all stepped up in an unprecedented time and exceeded all expectations.

Thank you for all that you do! 

Remote Learning is a Team Effort

In order for our programming to be successful we all need to work together. Below are each of our responsibilities that will ensure we have a balanced and rewarding remote learning experience. 

Student Responsibilities

  • Identify a space in the home to work effectively and successfully
  • Establish daily routines that follow normal AISL classroom expectations
  • Regularly monitor online platform to stay abreast of ongoing teacher communication
  • Comply with AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)- expectations for online safety and etiquette
  • Actively seek support and clarifications from your teachers, counselors, and principals at AISL as needs arise
  • Reach out to the Tech Team for any support with online platforms and apps

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Continue to design teaching and learning around the standards (please note not all standards may be possible to address remotely)
  • Develop and present quality instruction of new material using both synchronous and asynchronous models; offering whole class, small group and 1:1 instruction
  • Collect evidence of learning toward standards through remote means
  • Provide timely and thorough feedback
  • Engage class(es) in on-going synchronous check-ins
  • Collaborate with specialist and subject/grade-level teams to manage instructional and student engagement time
  • Design student engagement with screen time in mind as related to parent involvement, sibling needs, mindfulness and physical activity
  • Set specific hours to be available to students and parents online

Parent Responsibilities

  • Act as “content facilitators;” not deliver-ers of instruction
  • Organize and manage a productive HOME learning environment
  • Create/clarify boundaries between learning time (at home) and home time
  • Check in with students regarding home/school communication
  • Provide opportunities to assist students in processing their learning
  • Schedule time for quiet and reflection, as well as movement and exercise
  • Provide opportunities for virtual peer socializing while monitoring for safety
  • Communicate with teachers regarding content and/or student progress, Tech Team for technology issues and lastly principals for other concerns
  • Participate in online parent workshops, superintendent/principal meetings, and ongoing surveys to gauge progress and success of remote learning program
Upcoming Virtual Meetings

Tuesday Counselor Connection with Parents


Wednesday Enjoy a Coffee with Our Principals


Thursday EC/ES Parent Meeting


Friday High School Parent Meeting





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