Middle School

Our middle school encompases grades 5 to 8. Instructional programming is centered around the middle school model and philosophy that considers the unique needs of the early adolescent as a learner and as a person. Students ages 10-15 are experiencing the most rapid and significant changes in their lives physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially, with the second to children between the ages of birth to three years.

Because our teachers understand the need to teach the whole child, we offer Core classes that include English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, as well as classes that allow students to explore their interests. Specialist courses include world languages of French and Spanish. Besides technology integration, courses are taught in media, technology and yearbook. We have a middle school band program and also offer visual arts, physical education and health, public speaking and character development.

In addition to a rigorous academic program, AISL offers students leadership opportunities in student government and National Junior Honor Society, as well as a wide range of after school activities and sports including Scouting, soccer, volleyball, basketball, MathCounts teams, and more.

Another very important part of the middle school program at AISL is advisory. Students meet in small grade-level groups with an Advisor at the start and end of each week. Advisory not only makes a significant impact on individual students, it also helps to support a positive, overall school climate.

Advisors also assist students in the self-reflective process of 3-way goal setting conferences between parent-student and advisory in the fall. These samples are collected and shared in the spring by students through the use of spring student-led conferences. 

AISL middle school is a great place to experience adolescence. This, coupled with an amazingly dedicated and diverse staff of teachers, assistants, coaches, interaction with over 50 nationalities, and other support personnel, it is no wonder students often tell us that AISL is the best school they have ever attended.