Elementary School

Our elementary school encompases grades 1 to 4. Our students are naturally eager to explore, investigate and learn. As such, the elementary school engages students in a wide range of fun, stimulating and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Our teachers foster a supportive environment for collaborative, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities where students are encouraged to inquire, take risks, solve problems and apply their learning to real life contexts.

Our elementary school curriculum provides our students with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy skills. Social studies and science topics are explored through our units of inquiry as well as integrated with other subjects as appropriate. African history and culture, research skills, and technology skills are integrated throughout the curriculum. In addition to the core homeroom subjects, our elementary students take classes in physical education, visual arts, music, and world languages (French or Spanish). Elementary school at the AISL provides a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment committed to developing our children’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth.