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Elementary School

Given room to grow and explore the many facets of their personalities, students are here to absorb, to seek, to develop, to become; and to teach.

Welcome to the Elementary School

“If you want to know the end, look at the beginning.”

African Proverb

It is with this in mind we welcome you to our Elementary School section at AISL.

Our Elementary experience runs from the very youngest in our Early Childhood to our oldest children in Grade 5 (ages 3 - 11). Despite the vast differences these ages bring, there are many commonalities that run, with the child focused at the center throughout. Children are born with inquiring minds, and we are committed to nurturing that innate sense of inquiry by providing them with quality and engaging opportunities to learn.  Within the elementary school at AISL, our staff are dedicated to our Mission, Vision and Core Values, supporting the needs of our students by providing a happy, stimulating and secure learning environment that encourages positive working attitudes, while promoting respect for others. 

Our focus on our Learning Principles ensure the education offered is at the correct level to challenge, engage and be purposeful for each child. In turn, we support them to achieve success through hard work, effort, and  perseverance, celebrating their success on this journey in a structure which looks at not just through the narrow lens of a classroom, but at a wider scope that encompasses outside of the classroom walls. These day to day experiences are curated in a way to support our Global Competencies, which are a reflection of our commitment to prepare future ready students for life, work, and citizenship in a global society. 

We look forward to having you learn more about life in the Elementary school at AISL and hope you are excited at having your child join us as much as we are excited at having them join and become an AISL Eagle.


Shaneawaz Ahmed


"Shan" comes to AISL with more than 15 years of educational experience in schools from the UK, South America, East Asia and the Middle East. Young at heart, Shan leads our Early Childhood and Elementary School teams in delivering an engaging learning experience to our younger students.

Voices from our Elementary School

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