The Role of the Arts in Student Learning:

The creative arts provide a chance for students to develop a deeper understanding of self, their communities and the world around them. Arts education encourages creative thinking, logical reasoning, and meta-cognition. 

Art is a powerful medium for communicating complex ideas and enhancing community involvement. The creative arts are often an effective means for civic responsibility and engagement as well as responding to social, political, and environmental situations and events. This provides the opportunity for integration into Service Learning or Project Based Learning initiatives as part of the AISL curriculum.


The Performing Arts (Music & Theatre) Philosophy:

The Performing Arts Department at AISL believes that pursuing excellence in the performing arts (music, theatre, and dance) provides vital components for students’ expression and growth. We are committed to promoting multi‑cultural awareness through individual and collaborative work to help prepare our students for an increasingly global community.  

Our standards-based, student-centered curriculum engages students in 21st century skills while promoting a positive learning environment in which all students can explore multiple disciplines. Students achieve a thorough grounding in the knowledge and skills required to make sense of and make use of each of the performing arts disciplines, including the intellectual tools to analyze artistic products and expression.

Through participation in our programs, students understand the equal value of process and product while co-creating music, dance, and theater. We lay the groundwork for students to carry these connections and their appreciation for the performing arts into adult life.