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Teaching and Learning

As teachers, learners, and friends, we each work a little harder to be a little better every single day.

Melissa Schaub

Deputy-director - teaching and learning

Melissa is an educator and decorated leader with a wealth of experience in  International Schools (Mexico, Venezuela, Romania, Russia) as well as a trainer for the internationally-recognized Principals' Training Center (PTC). She leads us in staying true to our mission and vision ensuring that our Eagles are able to joyously soar. 

Eagles Learn

Ensuring that our Eagles  joyously soar on their own paths of learning is our number one priority and the collective responsibility of our school community.

Within the treasure chest of a richly diverse community, where all voices count, our students learn to think critically and creatively, collaborate with others to solve unique challenges, effectively communicate and activate ideas, and build lasting relationships as they grow into the best versions of themselves.   

Eagles Learn, our architecture of learning at AISL begins with a clear definition of learning:

AISL defines learning as a lifelong process that
deepens what we understand, builds on what we know and can do, and develops our character.

...and an essential set of learning principles that ensure the intentional design of exceptional learning experiences:

Learning principles

Learning Principles Elaborated