Welcome to the Athletics and Activities Department of AISL

It is a pleasure to serve our students, providing a healthy lifestyle, a well-rounded education, and plenty of opportunities to interest the entire AISL community. Due to our expansive program with a diversity of offerings and events, our department is recognized as one of the premiere attributes of AISL. Setting the bar with Olympic standard instruction at our school, our students will only gain from the very best. AISL has acquired world-class coaches to hone our athletes and instruct our up and coming younger students.We are here to provide the foundation for lifelong learning, the creation of the complete human being and the student/athlete/citizen that will live happier and healthier because of the lifestyle they have adopted from the AISL athletics and activities instructors. Our programs have expanded to include and represent our diverse cultures, beyond the mainstream offerings from fencing and martial arts to dancing and drama. Our goal and intention is constant reflection and improvement. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any ideas or comments to enhance our learning.

After School Activities

Our after school activities program is one of the highlights of AISL and includes programs for all age groups and interests. Elementary school activities run from 2:35-3:25 and middle/high school activities usually run from 3:30 to 4:25. Offerings include swimming, arts and crafts, strategic games, robotics and athletics as well as alternative sports, such fencing and gymnastics. Sign up occurs three times a year, once at the beginning of school, end of November and end of February, allowing students to experience a full range of our offerings. In our efforts to develop our students both in body and in mind, we are constantly expanding our activities to provide a well-rounded and holistic program. Our instructors are selected for their experience in the field and their extensive personal training. We look forward to seeing you on the field, in the gym, or in the classroom!

Saturday Sports

Our Saturday sports connect our students to the AISL community during the weekends, and provide a safe and interactive environment for students of all ages. The program begins at 8am for the pre/k and kindergarten students and runs sequentially through the grades until early afternoon. The program rotates through three separate units a year, basketball, soccer, and baseball along with the option of American flag football. Students can sign up before each unit. Sign up includes sport jerseys and an additional practice during the week. Practices are run by AISL staff, but volunteer parents make up the coaching body with “team Mom” ready to bring in half time refreshments and a good cheering squad. This really is the family event.

Competitive Sports

AISL is an active member of WAISAL (West African International Schools Activities League) and competes in both home and away events against other WAISAL schools.Sport options include middle and high school soccer, basketball, volleyball and swimming. Once a year WAISAL also hosts a Math Counts competition. Team practices are held after school by trained coaches and staff. WIASAL schools rotate hosting athletic events. AISL is proud to host our visiting athletes with our student families just as our students are hosted during their away events. Competitive sports at AISL are important to the entire community, and we continue to offer the most expert in coaching and the very best in facilities and equipment.