AISL Football Field and Campus

It is a pleasure to serve our students, providing a healthy lifestyle, a well-rounded education, and plenty of opportunities to interest the entire AISL community. Due to our expansive program with a diversity of offerings and events, our department is recognized as one of the premiere attributes of AISL. Setting the bar with Olympic standard instruction at our school, our students will only gain from the very best. AISL has acquired world-class coaches to hone our athletes and instruct our up and coming younger students.We are here to provide the foundation for lifelong learning, the creation of the complete human being and the student/athlete/citizen that will live happier and healthier because of the lifestyle they have adopted from the AISL athletics and activities instructors. Our programs have expanded to include and represent our diverse cultures, beyond the mainstream offerings from fencing and martial arts to dancing and drama. Our goal and intention is constant reflection and improvement. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any ideas or comments to enhance our learning.