Our staff work hard. Really hard. But their service to the community is vital and richly rewarded in student smiles and warm family greetings. 

Staff have opportunities for monthly in-house professional development, as well as personal opportunities to participate in global exchanges.

Please read our AISA Newsletter below about the wonderful experience many of our staff recently participated in. 

AISA Professional Development

What makes AISL special? Our staff say….

The way students learn through research and learn to be able to stand independently. I have seen students come in to the school timid, shy and scared but a month in AISL gives them so much confidence that they can face the world. They are always willing to learn and learn more even beyond the classroom, Students don't like to miss school even when they are sick or jet lagged.

Staff Member

I love the friendly staff! The people are amazing and are so caring. No matter what is going on in your life, you can count on people to lift you up. AISL is a true community.

- Amanda Luce, Elementary School Teacher, 5 years at AISL

Incredible student diversity

Amazing, dedicated faculty

A host of curricular and extracurricular activities weekdays and Saturday

Middle school trip opportunities

Upcoming campus improvements

Advisory program and associated activities

John Powell, Middle School Principal, 5 years at AISL

What makes AISL special is dedication of teachers to give their own time to keep the kids at the forefront.

Bunmi Bakare, Elementary Instructional Assistant, 5 years at AISL

My favorite experience is learning and teaching in a community among multiple nationalities with versatile global experience.

Ruth Kemi Osaenwe, Elementary Instructional Assistant, 3 years at AISL