Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The AISL PTO community is made up of over 40 different nationalities. It is truly an international school where families come from all over the world, but are made to feel welcome. Various events are held throughout the year and the PTO tries their very best to give back to the school in various ways each year. We encourage you to join us and be a part our our ever evolving organization. Our motto is: "You need us, we need you."

  • President - Mrs. Kemi Agoro
  • 1st Vice President - Mrs. Einav Yedid
  • 2nd Vice President - Mrs. Amira Aly
  • Secretary - Mrs. Nadou Sasegbon
  • Treasurer - Mrs. Dara Ogunseinde
  • Assistant Treasurer - Mrs. Sheema Shakeel
  • Community Liaison - Mrs. Mercy Abulu
  • Assistant Community Liaison - Mrs. Juwon Sule
  • Communication Coordinator - Mrs. Angie Elliot
  • Assistant Communication Coordinator - Mrs. Lilian Zaranyika
  • PTO Ambassador - Mrs. Reem Haffar
  • Sponsorship Coordinator - Mr. Manoj Chugani
  • Assistant Sponsorship Coordinator - Mrs. Moyo Makanjuola
  • Assistant Sponsorship Coordinator - Mrs. Saratu Dallass
  • NCD Liaison - Mrs. Olatoun Jolaoso
  • Assistant NCD Liaison - Mrs. Kenny Sotunde
  • Assistant Volunteer Coordinator - Mrs. Udeni Wickramasuriya