Parent Teacher Organization

The AISL PTO community is made up of over 40 different nationalities.It is truly an international school where families come from all over the world, but are made to feel welcome. Various events are held throughout the year. The PTO tries their very best to give back to the school in various ways each year. We encourage you to joy us and be a part our our ever evolving organization. Our motto is: "You need us, We need you."

President - Mrs. Odio Oseni

Odio has a young child at AISL and she has an artistic background. She hopes her time with the Board is one of integration and community building.

1st Vice President - Mrs. Janilina Kagan

Jani is serving in the PTO Board for another term! She has 3 children at AISL and has been with the school for several years.

2nd Vice President - Mrs. Uyi Oye-Onwuka

Uyi has been an AISL parent for three years. She has two daughters, and is an education consultant who mentors teachers, parents and teenagers. She loves reading and enjoys traveling. Uyi is deeply spiritual and this shows in the heartfelt connection she makes with those around her.

Secretary - Mrs. Agbomma Nwagbogu

Mma is an art and nature lover with over 10 years of corporate experience in Human Resources, with a particular focus on talent management. She has one child at AISL, and their family joined the AISL community in 2014. Mma loves traveling, researching new topics and learning new languages.

Treasurer - Mrs. Dara Ogunseinde

Dara has three kids at AISL and they've been at the school since 2009. Dara enjoys swimming and reading.

AssistantTreasurer - Mrs. Ignatia Voutyritsas

Ignatia and her two children have been part of the AISL family since August 2007. She is passionate about school volunteerism, and loves cooking and arts and crafts.

Communication Coordinator - Mrs. Rabiya Hussain

Rabiya has one child at AISL and they came to the school in August 2015. Rabiya enjoys making jewelry and baking cakes, and doing charity work.

Community Liaison - Mrs. Juwon Sule

Juwon's family joined AISL in 2015. She enjoys cooking, music, and getting to know different people.

Volunteer Coordinator - Mrs. Reem Haffar

Mrs. Reem Haffar is a prominent member of the AISL family. She is very dedicated to the community and her PTO work keeps her constantly visible around the school! Reem has 3 children at AISL.

Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator - Mr. Manoj Chugani

Manoj Chugani is in the PTO Board for the second time. He is dad to two kids at AISL and they've been with the school for 3 years. Manoj loves to play golf which is a perfect sport for winding down and getting to know potential sponsors for PTO projects.