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Newsletter Friday, June 3, 2022
Mariana Larralde - DP Art Teacher
Dear AISL Families, 

We have a lot to be excited about and grateful for this week. With all of the excitement generated from student celebrations/events in recent weeks, time is flying...

AISL Art at the Spanish Consulate

Over the past few months, 5 committed and talented high school art students under the guidance of MS/HS Art Teacher, Ms. Mariana Larralde, designed and painted a mural for the Spanish Consulate. This talented group of Art students is as follows:
  • Eugene Jung, Gr. 9
  • Camille Ziadeh, Gr. 9
  • Emely Graf, Gr. 11
  • Joy Makinde, Gr. 11
  • Amelia Suor, Gr. 11
Yesterday, the Spanish Consulate held a special reception for our artists and an unveiling of the mural. Spanish Consulate General Mr. Daniel Losada Millar spoke eloquently about the learning process and how the arts bring people together. 

As you can see below the mural was absolutely stunning and reflected an understanding of the importance of relationships between cultures and nations. 

Maintenance Team Appreciation 

Special thanks to all parents who contributed to a fund to appreciate the hard work and dedication of our Maintenance Team. On Tuesday, 8 parent representatives formally presented an expression of gratitude to each member of our Maintenance Team. Team members were very appreciative of the recognition of their hard work and commitment to students and the school community. Such gestures of appreciation reflect the thought and care that exists in our community.  


MS/HS Creativity Expo

The Arts are alive and well at AISL. Last Wednesday, the MS/HS hosted the Creative Expo featuring the work of our student visual artists, vocalists, performing artists, musicians, and technologists. Student commitment and talent was evident, and the community had an opportunity to experience the arts at AISL. 

Special thanks to the following teachers, Kingsley Nkwa, Philip Dedeigbo, Kelly McKay, Ruth Ikade, Marina Larralde, Ubaldo Morales, and Sara Anaevune for preparing students for this showcase. We are also indebted to our sound/audio team, our tech team, and our maintenance team for all of the behind the scenes work to support this event. 

And thank you to our student artists who did a fantastic job showcasing their talent and to parents who supported their work and attended the event. 

Soft Launch of AISL Website

I am very pleased to announce a "soft launching" of AISL's new website. This dynamic site tells the story of AISL and highlights our value proposition. You will notice many up-to-date videos and photographs capturing the spirit of our school and community. Stay tuned for additional content (student parent handbooks, school program guides, etc.) and more features such as newsposts and real-time calendars when we resume school in August. 

Special thanks to Tech Director, Joe Barder for leading the project and to Communications and Alumni Relations Director, Karishma Chugani, Social Media Specialist, Tamilore Adeshiyan, Admissions Officer, Jessica Bitrus, and Systems Administrator, Chukwudi Asobo, for their extensive work on this project. This website along with the advanced communications will serve our community well next year and beyond.  

AISL Yearbook- Electronic Version

AISL will send the electronic version of the yearbook to all families on Monday. Stay tuned for an up-to-date version of the AISL yearbook. Hard copies of the yearbook will be delivered in July and will be available at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. 

Farewell Assembly and Last Day of School

The last day of school for students is scheduled on Wednesday, June 8th. The High School ASB will host a special Farewell Assembly in the courtyard at 10:30am. Parents are invited to attend and may view the assembly on the ground floor of the courtyard. School will be dismissed after the assembly at 11:30am. 

Enjoy a well deserved weekend. 

Best regards, 

Tom Pado
AISL Superintendent