Dear AISL Community,

During the Lagos State Governor 18th briefing on Saturday August 29th, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, directed the primary and secondary schools across the State to resume on September 21, 2020, but said this date could be subjected to further review in the ongoing modelling of the State’s response to the pandemic. In light of this statement, I am writing to provide a brief update and to clarify AISL’s position about the gradual reopening of the school campus to students. 

The AISL Campus Reopening Task Force has been working over the past two months preparing to reopen the campus to students. Working in consultation with the CDC, WHO, and other public health organizations, the task force has developed a series of protocols, guidelines and procedures to support face to face learning while mitigating (not eliminating) the risk of transmission of a highly contagious virus. The Task Force is also learning from emerging best practices (and pitfalls) of school reopenings that have taken place in other parts of the world. 

AISL has also registered with the State of Lagos to gradually reopen the campus to students  but has not yet received substantive feedback about process and timeline. As we await further guidance, AISL is committed to gradually reopening the campus to support face to face learning when:

  • Lagos State Government officials have granted us permission to reopen. 

  • We have established health and safety practices,  procedures, and protocols in place in accordance with guidelines established by the CDC, WHO and the State of Lagos.  

  • We have developed an ongoing health monitoring system.

  • We have enough qualified  faculty/staff in Lagos to provide students with quality on campus instruction and supervision. 

In short, supporting  the health and safety of our students and faculty/staff while on campus is our highest priority. Given the conditions above, we are not able to commit to a particular date when the campus will reopen for students. In the meantime, we will ensure that learning continues by engaging students in quality remote learning experiences.   

Thank you for your commitment, support, and understanding as we navigate the challenges and uncertainties associated with this global pandemic.  Please stay tuned for further communication in the coming weeks about plans to gradually reopen the campus to students. 

Stay safe and healthy. 

Best regards, 

Tom Pado
AISL Superintendent