Prospective Families

Prospective Families


What does AISL's school year look like?

Typically, our first semester runs from early August to mid-December, with a week-long October break and American Thanksgiving in November. Our second semester runs from early January to early June, with a week-long March break and an Easter break.

When does AISL accept applications?

As an international school, we understand that relocation does not always coincide with a beginning of the academic year or semester and we are happy to welcome you at any stage throughout the year.

How old does my child have to be to attend preschool?

Your child must be 3 by August 31st of a given school year.

Do children wear uniforms?

Yes, they do and parents must purchase uniforms themselves. Please see pages 15-17 of the Admissions Handbook for details - click here.

Can children buy lunch?

While children in preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten bring their lunch to school, students in grades 1 to 12 may choose to bring a lunch from home or purchase their lunch from our school cafeteria.

Is AISL a nut-free environment?

No, it is not.

Where do your teachers come from?

Our teachers are U.S. certified or equivalent. Like our students, AISL's teachers and overseas faculty are an international group! 58% are from the United States of America; 18% Nigeria; 8% Canada; 5% the United Kingdom and South Africa; and 11% France, India, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Venezuela and Zambia.

Where do your students come from?

AISL is truly an international school with our students' families representing 56 different countries! Based on father's nationalities, our largest international communities include: United States of America and India 20% each; Nigeria 12%; United Kingdom 6%; Lebanon and Pakistan 4% each; and Canada, China, Israel and South Africa 3% each. Click here to see all 45 countries, as per fathers' passport.

What curriculum does AISL follow?

Our curriculum is based on AERO Common Core Plus (American Education Reaches Out) standards and benchmarks. AISL is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), the Council for International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate organization (IB) as an IB Diploma school. AISL has an on­going review of curricular needs and academic programs.

What languages does AISL school offer?

Starting in Kindergarten, children study Spanish or French, unless they are English Language Learners (i.e. ELL), in which case, they study English starting in grade 1. Beginning in grade 9, students may study Spanish, French or Arabic.

What after school activities does AISL offer?

Please click here for after school activities/sports, Saturday sports, and competitive sports. After school activities for kindergarten through grade 8 typically include: African drum/dance, arts/beading, basketball, boxing, cheerleading, chess, cooking, drama, fencing, golf, gymnastics, handball, karate, kickboxing, netball, photography, piano lessons, poetry, robotics, soccer, STEAM, swimming, taekwondo, tennis, and Zumba. Three sessions of Saturday sports: basketball, soccer and baseball. In addition to Saturday sports, children can enroll in up to 4 after school activities a week.

AISL is part of the West African International Schools Activities League. Please click here for the WAISAL calendar. Events include swimming; high school volleyball, basketball and soccer; along with middle school soccer, volleyball, math counts and basketball. For the 2019-2020 school year AISL is hosing high school volleyball, while the other events are being hosted by The International School of Dakar, Lincoln Community School, the International Community School of Abidjan and the American International School of Abuja.

AISL is also part of LISAC, Lagos International School Athletic Conference. AISL plays against local schools such as the British International School, Children's International School, and French International School and Meadow Hall (with the occasional elementary program with St Saviours) in volleyball, soccer and basketball.

High school clubs include: COWS (Citizens of the World), MUN (Model United Nations), Prom Committee, Photography/Yearbook, Eagle Press Newspaper, Programming, Zubma, Chess, and Stop the Bull (Anti Bullying).

Does AISL offer international trips?

Yes, we do! In addition to WAISAL, 5th and 6th grade go to Switzerland, 7th grade to Norway, and 8th grade to Scotland. As well, there are trips for West African International Schools Activities League (WAISAL), and Association for Music and International Schools (AMIS), along with high school trips for Model United Nations (MUN) . Please note these trips are not mandatory and come at an additional cost to parents.

Does AISL offer the International Baccalaureate program?

Yes, we do! AISL offers the IB program in grades 11 and 12. For details about our IB program, click here. AISL students in the class of 2019 earned an average of 31 out of 45 points, while the worldwide average IB score was 29.63. AISL's highest score was 37 points.

What exams are given in high school at AISL?

As with students in grades 2 to 8, students in grades 9 and 10 complete MAP testing (Measures of Academic Progress), which is a computerized, adaptive test. The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) is given in October to all 10th and 11th grade students. It is part of our school program and is obligatory. Furthermore, we recommend that the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) be taken at the end of 11th grade and the beginning of 12th grade. On average students take the SAT 3 times. For the IB Diploma Programme, students take written examinations at the end of the programme in May of each year. These are marked by external IB examiners.

Where do students go to university after graduating from AISL?

University Acceptances and Matriculation include universities located in the USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada, along with Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and Switzerland. For more information refer to AISL's High School Profile 2019-2020- click here.

Does AISL having boarding facilities?

No, we do not.

Does AISL offer busing?

No, we do not. Parents provide transportation for their children by bringing them to and from school, making arrangements with their driver, or carpooling with other parents.

Does AISL teach religious studies?

No, we do not.


Courtyard and Field


Technology Class with 3D printers used in grade 6 printing and manufacturing

Senior Lounge and Swimming Pool

Elementary Playground

Annex and Basketball/Tennis Courts

IB Art Mural and Middle School Art Room, 3rd Floor

Preschool and Prekindergarten Play Area

Preschool Classroom

Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Classrooms

Grade 2 and Grade 3 Classrooms

Grade 4 and Grade 5 Classrooms

Elementary School Hallways


11 Ways Your Kids Are More Likely To Succeed If They Travel

By Christina DesMarais

According to a survey of nearly 1,500 teachers, students who travel reap a wealth of rewards

If you travel frequently for business your perspective on life likely differs from people who don't. First, you've experienced new cities with different cuisines, climates, peoples and personalities from your home base. It follows, then, that your kids can benefit from seeing more of the world, as well. In fact, the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA) recently released findings from a study which surveyed 1,432 U.S. teachers who credit international travel, in particular, with affecting students in a myriad of ways:

  • Desire to travel more (76%)
  • Increased tolerance of other cultures and ethnicities (74%)
  • Increased willingness to know/learn/explore (73%)
  • Increased willingness to try different foods (70%)
  • Increased independence, self-esteem and confidence (69%)
  • More intellectual curiosity (69%)
  • Increased tolerance and respectfulness (66%)
  • Better adaptability and sensitivity (66%)
  • Being more outgoing (51%)
  • Better self-expression (51%)
  • Increased attractiveness to college admissions (42%)


Moving can be difficult but it is not all bad! Some people will have lived in one place all their lives but others are lucky because they will have experienced many different places and cultures. That means they will look at the world differently from people back at home – they will understand some world issues that other people will just not understand. They will have a different perspective of what is important and what is not. When they see Nigeria on the news, they will remember the times they spent with family and friends!

People who have lived in a number of different countries might seem more mature than those who have remained in one place. They have friends from different places, they often know more than one language, and they have tasted foods other people will never taste. Teenagers who move around are a great addition to schools across the globe as they are often more patient and flexible than other teenagers; they seem to be more comfortable in different situations.

When moving though, many students worry about how they will fare socially and academically in their new environment. Academically, they may find themselves either ahead or behind their schoolmates but usually the advantages of having been educated in an international environment far outweigh the disadvantages of whatever work they may have missed.

Social adjustments can take a while, especially if students are older. There are things though that you, as parents, can do to help overcome the stresses of heading to a new place.

Good reading with valuable tips and advice:

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For details about AISL's school uniform, please click here (from the Admissions Handbook).

School Uniform: Navy blue, white or red Polo shirt. Navy blue or khaki walking shorts, chino style pants, skorts or skirts.

PE (Physical Education): Solid black or navy colored shorts. White T-shirt (Red T-shirt beginning Aug. 2019). Athletic shoes. Hats in ES.

Spirit Days: AISL spirit t-shirts (e.g. house, WAISAL, MS trips) with uniform shorts, pants, shorts and skirts

2018-2019 House T-Shirts

Who We Are

Nigerian Culture Day Celebration 2019 - drummers and folk dancers, horn blowers, and durbar.

Kung Hey Fat Choi! AISL celebrates the 2019 Chinese New Year.

A big thank you to our Chinese Families for this special celebration.

AISL's Community comes out for the PTO's annual Tree Lighting Ceremony 2018 - click and click

In Nov., 2018 AISL hosted the West African International School Activities League Swim Meet. It was one of the biggest WAISAL competitions ever held with 120 visiting athletes from 20 different countries, representing 7 West African International Schools!

Each year AISL celebrates Nigerian Culture Day - click

2017 MS Article "AISL A School Like No Other" (Nnamdi) - click

2017-2018 Senior Spotlight (Tijmen) - click

2017-2018 Senior Spotlight (Gurkaran) - click

2017-2018 Senior Spotlight (Mehek) - click

Middle and High End of School Year 2016-2017 Video - click


October 2017:Student Survey

What makes AISL special? Our students say….

“The teachers care about how we are doing both in school and in general. They are caring, and a lot of the teachers remind us very often how much they love us, and how happy we make them.”

Grade 9 Student, United Kingdom, 6 years at AISL

“The thing that makes AISL special is the friendships and teamwork we have with one another.”

Hayden, grade 5, USA, 5 years at AISL

“The support each student gets from their teachers. Teachers will go out of their way to make sure you understand everything they teach you. The AISL Community if very friendly and they accept anyone who comes into their environment. The students are also very friendly.”

Grade 11 Student, Lebanon/France 8 years at AISL

“AISL has a large range of teachers with different personalities. This allows every class to be unique in its own way with different processes, rules and techniques. I like the variations, and it keeps the work and classes interesting. The rotating schedule complements this as well, keeping school days new and engaging.”

Isabella, grade 9, The Netherlands, 2 years at AISL

“The different nationalities that make it one, friendly community. I think we are special because each and every one of us comes from different countries and/or states, so we are all unique. But together, we are one big family.”

Lorenzo, grade 5, Canada/Cameroon, 3 years at AISL

“The people who go to AISL and all the wonderful teachers who push us to exceed.”

Arin, grade 6, South Africa, 4 years at AISL

“The school is well organized.”

Raphaël, grade 7, Belgium, 3 years at AISL

“AISL is special because of its people. The diversity in culture and the sense of comfort and family among so many people is one thing I love.”

Grade 7 Student, India, 4 years at AISL

“What makes AISL special is all of my friends and all of the teachers.”

Joannis-John, grade 8, Indonesia/Greece, 9 years at AISL

“Students in every grade have a friendship group. At least 2 or 3 per grade. However, when we're at a dance, on a school trip/outing, or even some random moment in the week, we all unite into one group. We become friends with people we would normally not hang with or we don't necessarily socialize with. We may stick with our ''squads'', but in the end, we're all one big family.”

Oriane, grade 7, South Africa, 3 years at AISL

“AISL isn't just a school, it is a home to people from all over the world, I think that the exposure to multiple cultures is what makes AISL special!”

Jared, grade 10, South Africa, 4 years at AISL

“The people, the environment and the ways of learning”

Sukoon, grade 6, Canada, 4 years at AISL

“The fact that you can see many people from countries around the world, and learn so much about other cultures firsthand without traveling to different countries.”

Nnamdi, grade 7, Nigeria/USA, 8 years at AISL

“The teachers take time with students and listen to their ideas.”

Noé, grade 7, France, 1 year at AISL

“The opportunity for participation in extracurricular activities and the interactions between teacher and student body are very special at this school.”

Grade 12 Student, USA, 2 years at AISL

“The environment and community that is around us, how even when we come from complete different countries we all unite as one and bond like a family that we are. we treat each other like no other school.”

Nour, grade 6, UK/Nigeria/Lebanon, 3 years at AISL

“AISL is a special place because of all the different types of people. We are all from different places around the world and we get together and become great friends.”

Roy, grade 9, Israel, 7 years at AISL

“The small community that we’ve built up over however many years is what makes this school special. In my opinion, there is no stereotypical status quo in AISL. Unlike most other schools, AISL has an almost family like environment.”

Sara, grade 11, USA/Nigeria, 1 year at AISL

“I think the different people make it special. People can never fail to surprise me here.”

Grade 8 Student, Canada/China, 4 years at AISL

“An environment where teachers are so willing to help, they genuinely want to see you succeed, and the focus is on the learning and not the grade. Also the independence, students create and manage our clubs and activities by ourselves, so there's always something going on.”

Grade 10 Student, Nigeria-Canada, 3 years at AISL

“AISL feels like home away from home.”

Nikhil, grade 10, India, 4 years at AISL

“It’s quality in education.”

Grade 5 Student, India, 4 years at AISL

“To me, the special thing about AIS is the community and how people like working together and having fun.”

Grade 8 Student, USA, 3 years at AISL

“The openness between students and teachers makes AISL really special because teachers trust us with their life stories because it makes learning more fun and we learn really interesting life lessons. It also helps establish a relationship between teachers and students that makes communication easier. We trust teachers and feel like we can talk to them.”

Grade 10 Student, Nigeria, 4 years at AISL

“AISL is special because of how kind and open the teachers and admins are towards students.”

Grade 8 Student, South Africa, 1 year at AISL

“I think the students make AISL special. There's something about meeting different people of different cultures that really motivates me to come to school.”

Nkoli, grade 10, Nigeria/USA/UK, 9 years at AISL

“You get to meet so many different people. Each person has their own personality, culture, ethnicity, goals, likes, dislikes, and getting to know them all is amazing. I'm really glad I go to school here where everyone embraces their differences and still get along so well. AISL also has an "International Day" which is one of my favorite days of the year not because we have no classes but because you see so many people go around and show where they are from and how proud they are to be from there. it's absolutely beautiful and all this is why AISL is special.”

Lara, grade 9 USA/Mexico, 3 years at AISL

“The people and the environment. How diverse our community is and the friendly atmosphere.”

Awele, grade 11, Nigeria, 4 years at AISL

“The quality of teachers.”

Grade 8 Student, USA, 2 years at AISL

“Diversity, learning and I just have a lot of fun.”

Kunal, grade 6, 6 years at AISL

“AISL is special because it has people from so many countries and so different people can meet each other.”

Grade 5 Student, India, 2 years at AISL

“The tight-knit community and welcoming vibe.”

Grade 8 Student, USA, 4 years at AISL

“From the 8 years that I have lived in Nigeria and have been going to AISL, I have collected countless reasons as to why AISL is special, not only to me, but to everyone. However, I will only state a few, as this would be quite long if I didn't. AISL is special because it tries to incorporate it's host country's culture, for example, Nigerian Culture Day, where we have different activities to learn of Nigerian culture, in terms of art, music, story telling. AISL is also extremely welcoming, no one will ever feel like an outsider, because we are a unique blend of many cultures, countries and religions. At first, when one might move to Nigeria, they might immediately go back home. After a month or less, the feeling of being an outsider subsides and one starts getting attached to AISL, and Lagos. The people at AISL make each day a little brighter. By the end of this amazing ride, when one is leaving, it's like a part of you is being left behind. AISL is home away from home, and it shapes us into tomorrow's leaders and the people we are today. I can say that I'm proud to be a part of this community, and AISL will surely have a place in my heart always.”

Srishti, grade 10, India, 8 years at AISL

“Good friends, nice teachers, good education.”

Grade 6 Student, South Korea, 3 years at AISL

“AISL is special because of how much teacher-student attention there is.”

Adrienne, grade 7, USA, 3 years at AISL

“I think the diversity and minimal intergrade negativity is something that makes AISL special. There are few schools that have these traits and I love that.”

Ada-Bih, grade 8, USA/Nigeria, 7 years at AISL

“AISL is a really friendly school. It is also really safe because they have many guards to guard the school.”

Nisa, grade 5, India, 1 year at AISL

“It is a community formed by people from all over the world.”

Tanish, grade 9, India, 1 year at AISL

“The people and community at AISL make it special. It's very diverse and everyone talks to everyone, making it a safe and special place.”

Grade 9 Student, India, 5 years at AISL

“The atmosphere is really friendly.”

Grade 9 Student, USA/Nigeria, 1 years at AISL

“How diverse the students are and how people come and go and it leaves a big impact on student life.”

Grade 9 Student, Indonesia, 4 years at AISL

“The people and teachers here are great.”

Naman, grade 8, india, 8 years at AISL

“It’s fun.Teachers who help and support.”

Harrison, grade 7, USA, 1 year at AISL

“The friends you make are lifelong.Even if they leave and you lose contact, you won't forget them.”

Grade 9, UK, 3 years at AISL

“We get to get our own computers and phones to work and hang around with friends.”

Sagar, grade 9, India, 2 years at AISL

“The spirit.”

Tolu, grade 8, Canada/Nigeria, 3 years at AISL

“The people and the community.”

Grade 10 Student, USA, 1 year at AISL

“The community.”

Grade 9 Student, South Arica, 5 years at AISL

Grade 9 Student, USA, 4 years at AISL

“The people.”

Grade 10 Student, Mexico, 5 years at AISL

Grade 11 Student, India, 2 years at AISL

Grade 9 Student, Nigeria/USA, 9 years at AISL

“The diversity”

Adithya, grade 11, India, 4 years at AISL

Shradha, grade 9, India 5 years at AISL

Zahra, grade 11, South Africa, 3 years at AISL

Funto, grade 12, Nigeria, 3 years at AISL

“AISL is a place with an outstanding curriculum. It accepts every unique culture.”

Anoushka, grade 6, India, 1 year at AISL


October 2017: Staff Survey

What makes AISL special? What is your favorite AISL memory or experience? Our staff say….

“The way students learn through research and learn to be able to stand independently. I have seen students come in to the school timid, shy and scared but a month in AISL gives them so much confidence that they can face the world. They are always willing to learn and learn more even beyond the classroom, Students don't like to miss school even when they are sick or jet lagged.

No matter what goes on in your life, it’s always good to know that everyday is a great day at AISL!”

Abimbola Orogun, Middle School Secretary, 12 years at AISL

“The electric energy of the teachers and the students; the positive atmosphere and the how supportive the teachers are of each other.”

Elementary School Teacher, 1 year at AISL

“I love the friendly staff! The people are amazing and are so caring. No matter what is going on in your life, you can count on people to lift you up. AISL is a true community.”

Amanda Luce, Elementary School Teacher, 5 years at AISL

“The strong connections among the staff at all levels and our relationship with our students.

Nigeria day and watching the staff share their culture with us through music and dance.”

John Heil, High School Teacher, 2 years at AISL

“Great community of students, families and teachers. So much happening all the time at such a small school.”

Nigerian Culture Day or Senior Roll Call, both are great milestones of the year and very memorable, especially the way the campus is transformed.”

Middle School Teacher, 4 years at AISL

“What makes AISL special is dedication of teachers to given their own time to keep the kids at the forefront.

The 50th Anniversary celebration.”

Bunmi Bakare, Elementary Instructional Assistant, 5 years at AISL

“I feel that the AISL community makes it special: students, teachers, parents, staff.”

High School Teacher, 4 years at AISL

“Enjoying meeting diverse students of different cultures and perspectives.”

Mudi-Danmole-Logun, Elementary School Teacher, 18 years at AISL

“Nice community. Many options for after school activities. Small classes. Good support system for low achieving students.”

Middle School Teacher, 2 years at AISL

  • Incredible student diversity
  • Amazing, dedicated faculty
  • A host of curricular and extracurricular activities weekdays and Saturday
  • Middle school trip opportunities
  • Upcoming campus improvements
  • Advisory program and associated activities

John Powel, Middle School Teacher, 3 years at AISL

“I like the fact that AISL has a core priority for differentiation in teaching and learning. That way, every child is given the opportunity to learn at his or her own pace and ability while striving for excellence.
The incorporation of latest and relevant technology into learning, professional student support program and the new uniform curriculum are few of the wonderful things that carve a niche for AISL.

My favorite experience is learning and teaching in a community among multiple nationalities with versatile global experience.”

Ruth Kemi Osaenwe, Elementary Instructional Assistant, 3 years at AISL

“The fact that it truly is an international school. The large number of countries represented and how we all blend and work together is inspirational.

Nigerian Culture Days! The Traditional clothing, food, folklore, music, crafts...amazing.”

Lynn Abercrombie, Student Support Coordinator, 2 years at AISL

“The sense of community that AISL provides.”

Janet Hallwood, High School Counselor, 5 years AISL

“The daily celebration of one another in sincere greetings and collaboration. From maintenance, to custodians, to teachers, parents, 12th graders to preschoolers, people show that they value one another for what they do and for who they are.

I get chills every year during our annual Senior Roll Call tradition. The entire AISL faculty and all students gather together to celebrate seniors each year by cheering each one individually as they make there way through the gym to the stage. As they make their way, a favorite song plays and a high school teacher reads a summary of high school highlights, a fond memory and announces their plans for the future after AISL. The experience is one that I have not witnessed in any other setting in my 30 year of education. It is simply heartwarming and beautiful.”

Dan Luce, Middle School Principal, 5 years at AISL

“Enjoying meeting diverse students of different cultures and perspectives.”

Mudi-Danmole-Logun, Elementary School Teacher, 18 years at AISL

“I feel the academic principles enables me to build confidence in the children's ability to succeed. We are skilled based more then knowledge based which is better for building resilience.
As staff, my prep time and 'free time' is protected which means I am in a better position of give the children the best of myself and be a 'healthy' role model.”

Middle School Teacher, 1 year at AISL

  • Community feel
  • Great students
  • Supportive parents
  • Hardworking, creative teachers

“My first Nigerian Culture Day was memorable, so different than anything I'd previously experienced.
Any of the fun days, spirit days with the kids.”
Elementary School Teacher, 5 years at AISL

“The diversity of the people here. We have over 50 nationalities between students and teachers. In our world of today, where so many troubles have arisen due to religious and racial differences, AISL celebrates those differences. Tolerance is a given. We enjoy getting to know one another and many life-long friendships have left the AISL campus.

Nigerian Culture Day is a wonderful celebration of our host country and its people. The Indian celebration of Diwali where our Indian parents and students create the holiday just for us so we, as non-Indians, can experience this very special holiday of theirs. These are favorite memories of mine, this year, the years previous, and I'm sure the years to come.”

Kathy Pederson, Middle School Teacher, 6 years at AISL

“Our children have the opportunity to learn from kids from over 50 different countries. Our school embraces and celebrates diversity.

Nigerian Culture Day Celebrations.”

Elementary School Teacher, 4 years at AISL

“What I like best is the community here of collaborative teachers, supportive staff and all the workers that keep everything running smoothly and looking great.My favorite experiences are the "Welcome" greetings and smiles each day.”

Elementary Teacher, 2 years at AISL

“Our students are wonderful! Parents are caring and supportive. Our staff are dedicated, hardworking, and collaborative. I love the diversity of our close-knit community.I’m happy to come to school each and every day.

I like when families come back to visit. Friendships made amongst students and adults are deep and long-lasting.”

Admissions, 4 years at AISL

“Multicultural environment.”

Annie Thomas, Elementary Teacher, 9 years at AISL

“I like that we have students from all over the world!”

Middle School Teacher, 4 years at AISL