Payment Guidelines

Annual school fees consist of tuition, capital fee and a one-time registration fee. Students meeting admission criteria will be invoiced upon admission acceptance.

Payment Guidelines


Tuition and fees for 2019-2020

Contact for information about invoicing.

Student Fees

Student Fees

The Board makes every effort to avoid tuition and/or fee increases or, if an increase is necessary, to keep the increase to a minimum. However, the Board reserves the right to raise the tuition and/or fee levels on an annual basis as program considerations and financial conditions require.

In addition to tuition, the school assesses the following fees:

  • Application Fee (payable upon submission of application)
  • Registration Fee (one-time fee applicable to new students)
  • Special Assessment Fee (applicable only to Companies who have agreed to pay this fee for their sponsored students)

Tuition and fees are set by the Board at the conclusion of the budget process (per Policy 10.105 & 10.106). The rates for the coming school year are communicated to the community after the School’s Annual General Meeting in May.

Tuition and fees are denominated in US dollars but may be paid in US Dollars or Naira.


Tuition Payment Terms and Deadline

1.The following forms of tuition payments are acceptable:

a. Checks in US dollars or Nigerian Naira. US Dollar checks must be drawn from a US bank.

b. Point of Service “POS” payments at the Business Office (subject to a 0.0075% surcharge - max of N1,200)

c. Wire transfer (payer responsible for all transfer fees)

d. Payment in Naira is (Exchange rate set by the School and provided at the time of payment)

2. For all returning students, (those who have indicated on the Survey of Intent that they are returning), tuition and fee invoices are prepared by the Business Office and sent to the designated responsible party in May. Payment due within 30 days of issue.

3. For pre-enrolled new students, tuition and fee invoices are prepared and issued by the Business Office upon notification by the Admissions Office of the students’ acceptance and sent to the designated responsible party. Payment due within 30 days of issue.

4. All enrolled students are billed for the full year’s tuition..

5. For those students whose tuition is paid by their parents’ employer/company, the full payment (100% of the tuition and other relevant fees) is payable by the due date.

6. For those students whose tuition is paid by their parents (“private-pay”), as indicated on the enrollment form, tuition may be paid in installments. Private-pay installments beyond two payments are subject to approval by the Business Office. The School reserves the right to charge a 5% finance charge on installments.

a. The payment deadline for the 1st tuition installment (plus full payment of other relevant fees) is due within 30 days of invoice issue (as outlined above in paragraph 2). Subsequent installment will be due no later than December 1st or the next working day, if a due date falls on a public holiday or weekend.

b. Private-pay parents electing to pay in installments are required to complete and submit an agreement to the Business Office before the 1st installment is due. The Business Office will send a reminder prior to the subsequent due date; however, it is the parent’s responsibility to make installment payments on time.

7. For any student enrolling after the beginning of the first semester, tuition will be billed for the semesters the student will attend in that school year (either in full or for the initial semester). All other relevant fees will be billed in full.

Special Fees

Special Fees

In addition to regular tuition fees, application fees, and registration fees charged to each student as described in Policy 10.400. Student Fees, special fees may be charged for certain programs and activities. These fees may include but are not limited to:

  • Band equipment rental
  • Library fines
  • Individual and class photographs
  • After School Activities
  • Field trips
  • International trips

Fees will be set by the appropriate faculty and/or administrator and approved by the Superintendent.

Fees collected may be used to directly offset the cost of the activity (i.e. payments to after-school activity instructors, field trips), or may be directed to the Annual Operating Budget, as appropriate.

Special Assessment

Special Assessment Fee

The school assesses this fee to certain companies who sponsor large numbers of students in the school. The fee is assessed annually for each student enrolled. The full fee is charged for students who enroll at any time during the school year. The fee is non-refundable.

By accepting this fee payment, the school guarantees a place in the school at any time during the school year to students who have met the admission requirements from these sponsoring companies.

Late Payment

Late Payment

Failure to pay tuition billed by the due date may result in the assessment of a late penalty fee determined by the Board. This fee will be assessed retroactively for any returned checks.

The School reserves the right to offer this place to another prospective student one week before the start of the semester.