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Welcome to The American International School of Lagos (AISL)

The AISL Admissions Office welcomes visitors throughout the year and encourages families to plan on coming to see our campus.  For all inquiries and tour bookings, please go to our inquiries page.
The goal of the AISL admissions process is two-fold; one to inform families about the type of education that their child(ren) will receive at AISL and; two, to determine the personal and academic strengths of student applicants. We want to ensure that an AISL education with a strong international perspective is the right fit for your child. We also want to make sure that family values are aligned with AISL  vision, mission, and core values. Ultimately, we want all of our students to be happy and successful and parents to be satisfied, involved and supportive.

Our students and their families represent 60+ different nationalities, and a variety of cultures. Not only do our students learn from these different perspectives, they establish friendships that span the globe and last a lifetime.

Everyone is welcome!

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Tel: +234 (0)2 0 1 888 4603 

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