Learning Support Services

Welcome to the Learning Support Services!

The American International School of Lagos (AISL) is fully committed to the education and learning needs of all students. We recognize that all of our students have individual learning needs that at one time or another may require some kind of accommodation within the school environment.To this end, AISL Student Support Services offers counseling and learning support.

Counseling Program

The counseling program at AISL provides education, prevention and intervention services for students. It addresses the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, careers, and university guidance. With a dedicated school counselor for each division of school (elementary, middle and high), AISL students are provided comprehensive resources that empower them to become productive, successful and well-adjusted adults. AISL counselors often provide classroom guidance lessons and individual counseling, facilitate student groups, coordinate school-wide programs, host parent forums and seminars, and provide guidance to students in submitting competitive university applications.

Learning Support Program

The primary goal of the learning support program is to ensure elementary and middle school students’ academic and social success. AISL has a demanding English language medium curriculum. When elementary and middle school students are English language learners or in need of academic support that extends beyond the regular classroom, they may be enrolled in the learning support program. In the high school, AISL offers an English communications class for ninth and tenth graders.

Eligibility for the Learning Support Program

The learning support program is geared toward elementary and middle school English language learners and students with mild learning difficulties. High school students need to be proficient in English and able to meet rigorous English language academic standards.

It is recommended that AISL elementary and middle school English Language Learners (ELLs) receive learning support when they are beginning or intermediate level or when they score up to or at the WIDA Bridging (5) proficiency level on a combination of speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks.

Please click here to view the WIDA Description of Proficiency Levels.

Additional factors are taken into consideration when making recommendations for a student’s placement in the Student Services program, such as Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) results and in-class performance.

How and When Support Is Provided

Learning support teachers and classroom teachers meet regularly to provide contextualized instruction that targets students’ individual needs. As much as possible, support is given in the mainstream classrooms through differentiation.

In many cases and especially for English language learners, learning support is provided during the World Language block, in lieu of World Language. In middle school, it may also be provided during mainstream English class time. Depending on student needs and curricular demands, support is also provided with additional in-class instruction.

Identifying and Monitoring Student Support Needs

AISL utilizes a student study team model for the purpose of reviewing and monitoring student progress. The student study team includes the divisional counselor, principal, and student support teachers. This team meets on a regular basis to review new and existing student support cases. Most often these meetings result in recommendations for interventions. Additional recommendations may be made for students and parents.


Learning support is a fee-based program; there is an annual fee for students enrolled in the learning support program.