The AISL curriculum is based on AERO Common Core Plus (American Education Reaches Out) standards and benchmarks. Early childhood teachers use early learning standards that are developmentally appropriate and closely align to the AERO framework. In the high school, the IB Diploma Programme is available to all Grade 11 & 12 students as a rigorous course of study leading to graduation with the full IB diploma.

AERO Common Core Plus:

English /Language Arts Framework

Mathematics Framework

Science Framework

Social Studies Framework

AISL teachers design units of instruction using the "Understanding by Design" framework with a focus on aligning assessment and instruction to the standards. Integration of technology, differentiation and cross-curricular connections are all hallmarks of the UbD design process. The Media Center contains over 25,000 print volumes in addition to numerous online databases for use in research across the divisions. AISL conducts a formal curricular and resources review process based on a five-year rotating cycle to ensure fidelity of the instructional program.