21st Century Teaching & Learning

Here at AISL, we have adopted the T3 Framework to guide instruction regarding technology usage to create a more authentic learning environment.

Sonny Magana has made a significant contribution to innovation in education with his T3 Framework. There have been 161 meta-analyses on various aspects of technology use in education – from 10,226 studies, and the average effect is d =.34. This effect has not changed over the past 50 years despite phenomenal changes in the technology. A major reason for this lack of impact is most technological interventions do not change the dominant “tell and practice” teaching model. Moving beyond translation and transforming current practice to transcendent uses of technology is clearly where we should go. With The T3 Framework we are striving to build a collaborative community of students solving problems, explaining to others (regardless of ability) and using the social media aspects of technology to change classroom conversations from monologue to dialogue, increasing student impact questions, and allowing errors to be stated and dealt with. This is referred to as a transcendental shift. This is the core of Magana’s claims, and indeed this is how we’ll see technology really make the difference we’re after!

To learn more about the T3 Framework, please visit Dr. Magana's web site https://maganaeducation.com