Inspiring Excellence



Provide a balanced American Education to inspire excellence in academics, sports, global citizenship, and emotional intelligence.


Core Values 

To fulfill our mission and inspire our vision, we are guided by and committed to following core values: 

Well-Rounded Education: A well-rounded learning experience balances the academic, physical, social, and emotional development of our students. 

Safe Learning Environment: A positive, safe, and nurturing learning environment allows all students to reach their highest potential. 

Individuality: Creative and independent thinking develops in each student their unique potential. 

Life-Long Learning: Every child deserves the highest quality of education as a foundation to support life-long learning. 

Diversity of Learners: Honor, validate, and embrace the diversity of our learners by promoting an inclusive and supportive environment - one of dignity and respect. 

Collaboration Accelerates Learning: Develop a community of learners in which parents,teachers, and students work together to achieve educational excellence. 

Innovation: Create a learning environment where students can express innovative thinking and utilize their creative energy. 

Internationalism: An international school is enriched by its multicultural community and relationship with its host country by building on connections with its cultures 
and nationalities. 

Service to Others: Foster civic engagement and responsible citizenship through local and international service experiences.


21st Century Global Competencies

Category 1:  
an intrinsically motivated & collaborative team member. 

An AISL student can… 

  1. contribute to the group process and work with others to complete tasks 
  2. listen thoughtfully and respond respectfully to group agreements and disagreements 
  3. transition efficiently between collaborative and independent tasks

Category 2: 
a creative problem solver and critical thinker. 

An AISL student can…

  1. monitor, evaluate and adjust their thinking through self-reflection. 
  2. generate original solutions and employ multiple strategies to solve problems. 
  3. connect, synthesize and apply prior knowledge, skills and understandings in novel situations.

Category 3: 
an effective communicator. 

An AISL student can... 

  1. employ active and effective interpersonal communication skills. 
  2. utilize effective public speaking skills. 
  3. communicate selecting a style and medium appropriate to audience and purpose.

Category 4:  
a critical consumer & producer of information & technology. 

An AISL student can... 

  1. analyze, evaluate and utilize a range of information sources appropriate to task and purpose.
  2. select and utilize a range of technology appropriate to task and purpose.
  3. exercise digital citizenship appropriate to task and purpose.

Category 5: 
globally, culturally & socially empathetic. 

An AISL student can... 

  1. recognize and appreciate a diversity of perspectives, values and traditions. 
  2. recognize global issues and take action to help solve them. 
  3. understand how their choices impact others.