Our Board of Directors

The officers of the Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The role of AISL board is to:

  • Exercise full control of the business and affairs of the Association and of the school
  • Uphold the mission of the school
  • Legally represent the school
  • Appoint the school superintendent 
  • Approve tuition, budgets, policies
  • Deliberate, communicate, and ensure that AISL is in line with it’s Strategic Plan in support of the school’s Mission, Vision and Principles and Belief statements
  • Keep the people of the community intelligently informed about the AISL
  • Contribute to the development, opportunities and improvement of AISL the student, personnel experience 
Meet the Board
Ali Safieddine
Yemi Famori
Andrew Nahman
Oscar Cifuentes
Board Treasurer
Fernando Aponte
Exxon Mobil Representative
Susan Tuller
Ambassador's Appointee
Faruk Agoro
Parent Representative (Appointed)
Amira Aly
Parent Representative (Elected)
Nada Matni Beylouny
Parent Representative (Elected)