Our Board of Directors

The officers of the Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The role of AISL board is to:

  • Exercise full control of the business and affairs of the Association and of the school
  • Uphold the mission of the school
  • Legally represent the school
  • Appoint the school superintendent 
  • Approve tuition, budgets, policies
  • Deliberate, communicate, and ensure that AISL is in line with it’s Strategic Plan in support of the school’s Mission, Vision and Principles and Belief statements
  • Keep the people of the community intelligently informed about the AISL
  • Contribute to the development, opportunities and improvement of AISL the student, personnel experience 
Meet the Board
Ali Safieddine
Funke Ade-Ojo
Vice President
Andrew Nahman
Carol Cox
Ambassador's Appointee
Teddie Brinkley
ExxonMobil Appointee
Clyde Dallass
Nitinchandra Nandekar
Robert Currence
Chevron Appointee
Yemi Famori
Shell Appointee