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Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Mission and Vision are what drive the teaching and learning at AISL, while our Core Values are what guide us in our daily interactions with each other. These are what bind us together as a community and are at the heart of every AISL Eagle. 


AISL Guiding  Statements


AISL provides exceptional learning experiences within a global community where all voices count. We spark the inspiration in students to be the best version of themselves so that they can joyously soar on their own paths of learning, growing, leading, and contributing as world citizens.



Empowering our community of learners to create a just and sustainable world.

AISL Core Values


We are considerate of ourselves and others in order to foster an inclusive and equitable environment.


We honor our diversity, treat one another with kindness, and demonstrate compassion through service.


We are accountable for ourselves, others and our community.


We act morally, tell the truth, and feel good about what we do.


We take on life’s challenges with resilience and are confident in mind and spirit.