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The American International School of Lagos (AISL) is a not-for-profit private school that is governed by a Board of Directors. Members of the AISL Board of Directors serve as stewards of the school and are deeply committed to providing effective school governance. The primary purpose of the Board is to govern the school by setting, monitoring and funding strategic goals to ensure continuous development of the school in line with its Mission, Vision and Beliefs. As a collective body, the Board is tasked with: 

  1. Hiring, nurturing and evaluating the Head of School who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the School

  2. Developing strategic plans, ensuring their implementation and monitoring progress

  3. Developing and approving school policy

  4. Ensuring the financial health of the School

  5. Leading and supporting Governance through external board training sessions.

  6. Providing leadership to support and drive institutional sponsorship and fundraising.


Board of directors policy manual