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Child Protection

AISL promotes the values of respect, integrity, compassion, and responsibility and seeks to foster wellness. The AISL Child Protection Guide reflects those values and seeks to protect students, families, and the AISL community, ensuring that the right to protection and access to confidential support systems are available to all students.

When enrolling your child at AISL, you agree to work in partnership with us and abide by the protocols adopted by AISL as outlined in the Child Protection Guidebook.

It is this home/school partnership that allows us to provide the utmost safety and care for your children and is integral to our shared responsibility to educate, protect and provide them the safest environment in which to learn and grow. 

Some examples of this are:

  • AISL community and staff members wear their ID Badges in a visible manner whenever they are on campus
  • All visitors must be signed in and registered with our security office prior to entry and escorted by a badged member of staff
  • All Adults use designated Adult-only toilets
  • Age-appropriate child protection education led by our counseling team
  • Code of Conduct signed by all employees, contractors and volunteers
  • Thorough background checks of all employees, contractors and volunteers
First page of the PDF file: ChildProtectionGuidebook2022.23

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