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About Us


We started the first day of our first year with 30 students. The year was 1964. Now, nearly 60 years later, we’re still here, still teaching, still learning, and still developing friendships that span the globe and will last a lifetime. And as each school year ends, with sadness and excitement, we’re still saying “farewell and until we meet again” to our graduates as they embark on their educational journey at Universities throughout the world.

First day of school 2021-22

A Global Classroom

We now have more than 450 students representing 40+ nationalities and a faculty of more than 50 full-time, licensed teachers representing 14 countries. Nearly 70% of our faculty hold a master’s degree.

This diversity in our student body and staff is a hallmark of AISL, for it is our diversity that brings us together and contributes to a strong global community.

Learning to Think

AISL provides an international experience, not just an American education. Our standards-based curriculum focuses on helping students understand important concepts, demonstrate vital skills and competencies, and develop character. Perhaps more importantly, we teach students to examine, to question, and to problem-solve. In short, we teach our students to think.


AISL Eagles are Global Citizens