Mission and Vision


AISL seeks to deliver a balanced and rigorous American international education, and provide students with the tools, confidence, and motivation to excel in the face of challenges and their own life-long learning. AISL will inspire our students to think critically about what they learn by searching for what constitutes true knowledge. Building upon this, we will promote personal responsibility, leadership development, and the joy of service. We will provide our students opportunities to reach their own personal level of excellence within a highly regarded educational program focused on academics, physical education, visual and performing arts, technology, service, leadership, and global citizenship. As an integral part of the strategic planning process, we refocused AISL’s mission and vision to reflect the renewed purpose and direction of our school while keeping us grounded in the values that we have built our school on over the last 50 years. To fulfill our mission, AISL seeks to:

Provide a balanced American Education to inspire excellence in academics, sport, global citizenry and emotional intelligence.

Together we will empower our community through honor, internationalism, and growth, with a reputation built on a sound educational program personalized for our students’ needs, facilitated by a caring and engaged staff. In turn, our faculty will continually strive for excellence by providing an enriched and balanced education for our students. We understand that our students are most engaged through a balanced college preparatory program emphasizing inquiry, critical thinking, and a love of learning.

We will fulfill our mission by committing to:
1). Enhancing the learning ability and curiosity and self-motivation of our students
2). Providing our stakeholders a safe and nurturing environment.
3). Preparing our students to be global citizensby ensuring an international perspective for learning and promoting a diverse student body
4). Developing our students as multifaceted, responsible, and socially aware citizens who pursue their goals with passion and integrity.
5). Encourage students to participate in sports, the arts and extra curricular activities and create opportunities to excel outside the classroom
6). Attracting the best available faculty and staff and provide supportive working conditions and continuous training for optimum professional development.


At AISL, we hold ourselves responsible to every child who joins our community. We want to create an environment in which students want to come to school to learn, teachers want to teach, and parents want to support their children’s education. AISL strives for educational excellence in all that we do through engagement, innovation, and a world-class American international
education that graduates students ready for college, careers, and life.

Principles and Beliefs

  • We prepare students who will be capable of excelling in any future academic setting, either in the US or internationally.
  • We believe that education is a collaborative effort among parents, students, staff and other community members.
  • In a nurturing environment we challenge all students to achieve their highest potential academically, physically, and socially.
  • The pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and truth is a life-long process.
  • We provide an excellent education based on an American curriculum and the International Baccalaureate program of study.
  • We attract and retain a highly qualified and motivated staff and will invest in their professional development and growth.
  • We promote continuous improvement in all areas of the school through ongoing assessment and evaluation.
  • We embrace our diversity by promoting an inclusive environment; one of dignity, respect and tolerance.
  • Our community models and promotes honesty, responsibility and integrity.
  • We foster inter-cultural understanding through teaching and learning.
  • We value programs that embrace appreciation for and participation in the arts, athletic activities and a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.