Admission Placement

Admission Placement

Age Appropriate Placement

Age Appropriate Placement

AISL follows an age appropriate placement of students. In cases where the student’s birth date is very close to the cut-off date and where parents feel the student should be in a higher grade level, the student will be placed in the age-appropriate grade according to our policy (i.e. the ‘lower’ grade). Children will only be moved from that grade after a period of observation and upon the recommendation of a Child Study Team, composed of teachers, from the relevant lower and higher grade levels, principal, counselor, curriculum coordinator and admissions director.
Any initial placement is tentative, and the school may advise a change of grade level or class either after the child’s abilities have been assessed or, in certain circumstances, may withdraw the placement.

Please view the 2017-2018 Age Appropriate Placement Table (click). In order to enter the designated grade-level, the child's birthday must fall within the given dates.

Please see AISL's School Comparison Chart (click) if your child is coming from a system other than an American system.

New students coming to AISL will gain admission based upon official school records for the last two years, which show the student to be succeeding at or above the average of their classmates in a mainstreamed classroom.

Please note that AISL does not have special classes for students who have been defined as gifted or who have been diagnosed with specific learning or behavioral disabilities. Parents whose children require special services of any kind should provide the school with any evaluations and other relevant information for admissions review to determine the appropriateness of admission based on their ability to succeed in the standard curriculum in a normal classroom setting.

AISL may require entrance testing for all applicants.

Number of High School Credits and Class Placement

Number of High School Credits and Class Placement

The high school counselor will determine credit allocation, appropriate grade, and class placement through a careful review of school records for students coming from schools that use grading and evaluation systems that differ from those used at AISL.

Below 7

(Including 1 in English and Math)

9th Grade (Freshman)

7 to 13.5

(Including 2 in English and Math)

10th Grade (Sophomore)

14 to 19

(Including 3 in English and Math)

11th Grade (Junior)

20+ credits

(Including 4 in English and Math)

12th Grade (Senior)

Note: Students must earn a total of twenty-six (26) credits and complete 75 community service hours. In the case of IB students, successful completion of the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is also required in addition to the 26 credits and 75 hours

Deadline for High School Enrollment Credit

Students in grades 9-12 who enroll at AISL after the 12th day of the semester will not receive credit, unless the student is transferring into AISL from an accredited high school. Students must provide current semester withdrawal information with current grades prior to admission review.

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