Welcome to the Information Technology Office

The Information Technology (IT) Office supports Technology infrastructure and services. The office is composed of four subgroups that serve over 700 students and families while maintaining a safe and secure computing environment. These groups include:

  • Networking & I.T. Security
  • Help Desk & Technical Operations
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Internet Access

Each of the above mentioned work together to ensure daily functionality of classes and administrative offices

Our Mission

To empower all students, teachers and administrators with 21st century learning through digitallly-enhanced classrooms, electronic curriculum, worldwide information access, parental and community connectivity and efficient support operations. A successful academic technology environment must be embedded, pervasive and transparent, enabling the educational process and redefining the paradigm for classroom instruction.

Our Vision

A school in the cloud with advanced connectivity making AISL into an educational environment fully supportive of anytime, anywhere learning and boundless student collaboration and achievement.

Our Staff

The Office of Technology Services consists of a staff of 7. Currently including three AISL employees and 4 Netcom contract employees co-located next to the AISL IT Office, Room 215.

  • IT Director, Room 215
  • Bola Body-Lawson, AISL, Room 215
  • Chukwudi Asobo, AISL, Room 215
  • Netcom Onsite Staff, Room 214
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